Chegg It Out: The Book Box Builder Challenge

Written by Andrew Hwang

Chegg has made quite the name for itself since “setting up e-shop” back in 2003. Now, 4.2 million books and 6,400 campuses later, Chegg has “disintermediated” the $5B+ college textbook market by providing a low-cost, short-term, nationwide rental alternative” to the steep prices of the university bookstore. Carpenter further predicts that Chegg is poised to control 80%+ market share.

Having garnered a substantial online presence, Chegg wanted to brach out offline, while still staying loyal to the insight that today’s students were both cost-conscious AND creatively expressive. The challenge for us was not just the technical development of the boxes, but also the launching of a campaign that would garner more online/offline awareness via offline engagement.

We joined forces with Dr. Pepper to hatch an interactive marketing campaign called the Chegg Book Box Builder Challenge where participants were given pre-loaded colors and graphics to design a Chegg bookbox. Students were further egged on by the incentive of an Apple Macbook Pro and the guarantee that the highest voted box design would be the one shipped out to renters.

Sure enough, 4,000 submissions and two million votes later, the winning designs from Rachel Sperber, Sarah Herman and Sebastian Carames, are set to ship this Fall (Congratulations, you three!). We enjoyed working with both Chegg and Dr. Pepper on this project and definitely look forward to the next challenge.

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