On Digital Strategy and Behavioral Targeting

Written by Katerina Zherebtsova

We make some very important decisions every day and whether life critical or strictly for pleasure, every decision requires thinking and weighing the alternatives. The closer we get to the moment when we need to make a decision, the more nervous we get and the more help we instinctively look for. Now lets leave the life’s critical decisions for the moment to concentrate on one decision that most people have the luxury for: Lunch. Rather, getting distracted from your desk and having the liberating 10mins to an hour for picking the special treat for your daily, traditional and much anticipated lunch break.

Imagine this: it’s 11am in your office and you are starting to get hungry, you are already shifting in your seat and thinking of what will you choose. Come 12pm and you are racing through…a salad, no a healthy burger…no maybe a delicious fish pie.¬†12.30:¬†Still undecided and highly receptive to anything that bears the food connection you overhear your colleagues’ quick poll for lunch today. 12.45 going, going, gone. And you choose the office favourite (the local burger with chips).

Then, the clock strikes 4 and an email lands in your inbox tempting you with tomorrow lunchtime’s delicious meals, sandwiches and all you could have wished and hoped for back at 11am …. Come tomorrow and that email is so far up your email list or filed or lost in your Blackberry or iPhone, that you are back where you started at 11am: your office thinking of things to try.

Now if that email came at 11am? The queue that day would have doubled.

Being able to reach customers is key but reaching them at key times is crucial. And that’s what Digital as a field and Digital Strategy in particular enables to do best. Results? Always a happier customer and increased ROI.

Sometime the product just sells itself – The Shake Weight

Written by Paul Newnes

Interactive Marketing Budgets to Double Over 5 Year Period

Written by Nuri Djavit

Forrester Research has just released a forecast showing considerable gains in digital marketing, with a cut back in ‘traditional’ advertising dollars.

Their research shows a considerable shift to what marketers see as an efficient communication platform, citing digital as “no longer experimental”, but more efficient where advertising is more inefficient. Six out of ten marketers Forrester surveyed agreed with the statement “we will increase budget for interactive by shifting money away from traditional marketing.” Only 7% said “we have no plans to increase our marketing budget.”

The report also indicates a massive shift towards social media marketing; something that we are excelling in here at Last Exit, with campaigns such as that for Canon.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

Walmart Pushes Towards World Domination

Written by Nuri Djavit

I was horrified to read this morning that Walkmart was pushing through policy that would force the brands it sells in its stores to proportion some of their media spend to Walmart run campaigns. There’s already alot of ‘cajoling’ when it comes to getting your brands positioned on shelves and now you have to commit a, potentially, large part of your budget to their media strategies. Ad Age estimated that someone like P&G would have to divert approximately $1 Billion – th idea being that Walmart makes up 30% of P&Gs total sales and, therefore, they should divert 30% pf their media spend to Walmart!!

Is this legal?walmart

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